Memorial Weekend in Payson 2017

Memorial Weekend was such a blast! Filled with family and friends and a very very long hike. Let's just say a 30 minute hike turned into a 3 hour hike in the middle of the day, yeah not the most enjoyable. Who knew thrift shopping in Payson was the best in all of Arizona? Yeah, not me. I have been going up to the cabin in Payson for years yet I never once thought to go thrift shopping there! So many cute thrift shops filled with the heart of Payson. If you ever find yourself passing through I would highly recommend Time Out Thrift Store and the Payson Senior Thrift Store. I found many pieces at both places. The highlights of the trip for me were sitting out on the porch of the cabin eating an abundant amount of watermelon, thrift shopping, and watching Notting Hill and Wizard of Oz on a giant box TV, how vintage. Can't wait to head back up for another relaxing weekend! 


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