Disneyland Winter 2016

The world renowned "Sunny Southern California" decided to not be so sunny while we ran amok in Disney this year for my brothers birthday week. The afternoon we arrived was sunny as could be, not a single cloud in the sky so we traveled to Downtown Disney to do a spot of shopping. The following days in the park were, let's just say, miserable, cold and wet. It rained on and off the entirety of the three days we were there. One good thing about rain in Disney tho, no. lines. It was spectacular, no longer than a fifteen minute wait on any ride. Apparently the "locals" are afraid of a little wetness. No problem for us! Riding Splash Mountain two times in a row without getting off? SIGN ME UP !!! 

There is nothing in the world quite as magical as Disney dressed to the nines for the Holiday season. Seeing the giant tree right in the middle of Main Street, the yummy seasonal foods, all the rides decorated with jaw-dropping decor and Disney Christmas music dancing across my ear drums. I felt like a kid... well... in Disney!  I can't imagine going to Disneyland any other way now. 

If you ever have the chance to travel to Disneyland for the Holidays I would strongly recommend going when it is raining. As terrible as that might seem there is this camaraderie with the people in the park that is insurmountable to any other feeling. Plus small wait times never hurt anyone either. 


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